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TikTok peaks as most downloaded app of 2020


Given the year that we have all endured, it might come as no surprise to you that app downloads are up in 2020. With people confined to their homes, it does make sense; an app allows us to communicate with people in a way that would normally have slipped under our radars. It allows us to keep our social lives strong, whilst retaining some kind of connection with the wider world.

With all of that in mind, then, you might understand why TikTok is such a commonly and spoken about app today. TikTok has gone from a social media afterthought to one of the most prominent apps to have been released in 2020. It has empowered many people with the chance to connect with people through viral videos, sharing their thoughts and views, and simply having fun in a rather gloomy year. That is why you might not be shocked to find out that, at the time of writing, TikTok is the #1 downloaded app for all of 2020!

Given that so many of us have been introduced to our electronic devices like never before this year, that is some feat for the company. It only came to light in 2018, and since then the global release has been a slow burning one. 2020, though, has provided many an isolated creative with an idea for a video or a comical prank that they can pull on video for laughs and love.

That is why the TikTok app is become one of the most impressive apps to be released since mobile apps became a thing. Few apps have had the same kind of wildfire spread as this app has, genuinely changing the industry and making it easier for everyone to enjoy TikTok like never before!

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Over two billion downloads

The app has enjoyed a massive number of downloads in the last few years, comfortably becoming one of the most popular apps downloaded anywhere in the world. The app has grown massively since its early days, when it was regularly downloaded across China and other parts of Asia. However, the global release in 2018 has seen the app slowly but surely grow its audience across 2018 and 2019.

2020, though, has left many people with the desire to carry out some more creative design and thinking at home. This is a part of the reason why the app has exploded in popularity. The easy recording and sharing of video, taking part in viral dances and various other fad events, helps people to share their own take on popular culture and events.

For that reason, TikTok has seen its number of users explode in recent years. Little wonder, then, that so many people today choose to buy TikTok likes to help boost the size and scale of their profile. Popularity is a hard thing to get in such a competitive landscape, but TikTok has done a fantastic job of ensuring that it remains deeply popular for years to come.

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