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Travel For Sports Or Stream Game Online?


It is no longer a time when the only options to watch your favorite sports matches were traveling to a stadium or cable. Thanks to technological advances, we’ve seen an unprecedented growth in streaming, which has made it a lot easier to watch sports from home. Nevertheless, while having more options available is great, it also brings about some confusion. With the 138th Edition of the US Open Tennis coming up, it is finally time to settle the score and find out which option is the best between streaming live and sports tourism.


As a factor of consideration when it comes to deciding between sports tourism and live streaming, the price is one of the more important ones. Where sports tourism is concerned, you have to consider the absurd cost of travel, boarding, meals and other expenses such as Tennis Court access ticket fees and medication where necessary. Therefore, most of your travel plans will be spent coming up with ways of minimizing the cost of the trip. With streaming, on the other hand, you only have to consider the cost of the streaming service and network security tools. Therefore, when it comes to cost, live streaming is the better option.

Viewing experience

The viewing experience is yet another of the crucial considerations made when discerning between live streaming and sports tourism. Entertainment technology has advanced dramatically over the years. With 4K resolution, quality audio systems and high-speed internet, you could have one of the best viewing experiences during your live stream of the upcoming US Open Tennis tournament. More importantly, with access to an official broadcaster, you get access to all the sports action without the inconveniences of weather or noise at the court. Additionally, you need a VPN to stream the US Open, bypassing geo-restrictions and access the content. Nevertheless, even with advanced entertainment technology, nothing beats the live viewing experience you get through sports tourism. This is especially since the experience is not subject to a third-party, which means that you avoid all the commercials, poor camera angles and such inconveniences while enjoying the raw experience with your own eyes. Where the viewing experience is concerned, sports tourism is the better option.


When it comes to safety, two significant factors are considered. One is the risk or vulnerability of the individual to an insecure event, and the other is how well an individual can guard against such activities. With sports tourism, you have to be on guard for both physical and cyber-related incidents. For instance, your luggage could be lost or stolen with important identification information, or you could be hacked through the hotel Wi-Fi, and such. Needless to say, protecting yourself while traveling takes a higher toll on you than if you had to focus entirely on one, which is the case with live streaming. When it comes to streaming, all you need to do is focus on cybersecurity, and with access to the right tools, this is a relatively easy task.


Accessibility, in this case, is the measure of how difficult or easy it would be to watch the US Open Tennis tournament either by streaming or traveling there. In this case, live streaming is again the better option since it is more readily and easily accessible. Generally, you get greater access by streaming with a VPN, allowing you to watch the entire event from the comfort of your home. With sports tourism, on the other hand, you have to schedule a trip, prepare documentation and prepare for other cost-consuming activities that could be serious inconveniences. Ultimately, only a few people could find the means to travel to watch the US Open Tennis tournament.

The Bottomline

Overall, based on the results, live streaming is better than sports tourism. Be that as it may, security, cost, accessibility and the viewing experience are not the only deciding factors. That means that ultimately, the decision to choose either live streaming or sports tourism is based on a personal decision made after critical analysis of all the necessary factors.

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